EWA offers a host of specialized facilities ranging anywhere from test ranges, wireless labs, to secure engineering facilities and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Scroll through this page to browse a sampling of our facilities, or simply click the area of interest below.

Electro-Optics Laboratory

EWA's Electro-Optics Laboratory in Ridgecrest, California, provides facilities and equipment required for successful integration and testing of all radiometric components to JTAMS standards.

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Penetration Testing Sandbox

The ultimate verification of a potential vulnerability is to actually exploit it to compromise the system under test, and EWA is a recognized leader in conducting successful penetration tests. Our experience covers the full range of penetration testing from sophisticated penetration testing of core security technologies using custom-developed exploits to successful no-knowledge penetration tests of networks to “capture the flag” using a variety of technical and social engineering techniques. We can conduct onsite or remote network and system vulnerability assessments and no risk evaulations of protection tool performance in a simulated customer defined network environment.

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Radar Development Lab

Rapid Prototyping Laboratory

EWA's rapid prototyping laboratory addresses quick turn requirements for its customers and staffed with in-house engineering experts with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, RF, digital and analog software. Circuit simulation, schematic capture, board layout, and mechanical drawings are supported by a full range of 3-D Computer Aided Design tools and on-site equipment and stocks are suitable for light mechanical designs and fabrications. 

Secure Engineering Labs

EWA offers a multitude of engineering capabilities in our secure engineering labs. These labs are able to provide engineering services ranging from concept development, R&D, to complete life-cycle solutions. These facilities offer these services at all classification levels.

Software Development Laboratories

EWA operates multiple software development labs.  Engineers develop software in a process controlled environment for multiple platforms and operating systems using various languages in compliance with recognized government and commercial standards.  Our software engineers are experienced in a broad array of software technologies.  The software labs can provide software solutions at all classification levels. 

Wireless Systems Laboratories

EWA operates wireless laboratories that provide that support engineering and integration within the IEEE 802.xx wireless protocols.  EWA has developed and supported multiple wireless based systems for government customers. These systems range from high data rate networks using industry wireless standards to miniaturized RFID devices employing proprietary wireless solutions for long battery life. 



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