EWA is strongly committed to expanding our expertise to new levels. In order to fulfill this commitment, EWA understands the need for new product design and development to be brought to the cutting edge of technology. Scroll through this page to browse our sampling of R&D efforts, or simply click the area of interest below. Or contact us for more information on our Research and Development efforts.

Communications Through Jamming Techniques

CommThru, an add-on component to existing communications platforms enables communication in a jammed environment.

DSP Development Tools

Blackhawk™ is a leader in providing hardware and software for the rapid development of digital signal processor-based (DSP) applications for a wide variety of vertical markets. Blackhawk™ is a Texas Instruments® (TI) DSP Total Solutions provider for development hardware, advanced JTAG emulators, Real-Time Operating Systems, design services, and consulting.

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Electronic Door Lock

EWA is currently developing an Electronic Deadbolt based on market research for the consumer market.

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EWA Signal Simulator

EWA has been researching and developing a revolutionary software application, called WaveForce, designed to describe RF signal timing, modulation, and sequencing at an unprecedented fidelity. It has an intuitive, graphical user interface to quickly and efficiently build accurate representations of very complex signal waveforms and store them in compact digital files.  Import functions can translate from existing user-defined signal files.  Export tools make it easy to capture data in user-defined formats for use by other analytical tools or stimulators.  WaveForce is compatible with existing intelligence data formats. Other key features of WaveForce's comprehensive set of tools include: interactive displays, audio generation, rapid scripting of complex signals, unprecedented signal fidelity, signal identification and correlation, flexible parametric analysis and output, support for rapid simulator reprogramming, and extensible software plug-in architecture..

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Geographic Location Systems

EWA designs and builds the GeoStorm family of geolocation systems.  Geostorm is a portable system that allows users to geolocate radio frequency targets without the need to calibrate.

JTAG Development

Corelis is a world leader in the field of IEEE-1149.1 boundary-scan testing and JTAG In-System-Programming of Flash memories & CPLDs. Corelis' ScanExpress™ family of boundary-scan systems combine exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation. Corelis' focus is to provide quality products and unmatched customer service.

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Microelectronics IP Core Development

EWA is addressing a growing demand in the semiconductor business for pre-designed functional circuit blocks used in most Radio Frequency (RF), analog, and digital products. This IR&D focuses on identifying, developing, and protecting functional circuit blockcores or libraries, the basic building blocks of computer chips. In turn, these EWA-owned cores will be available to sell (license) to other chip developers as Intellectual Property (IP) and to sell (license) as priced IP in future miniaturization and microelectronics (M&M) products/projects.

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Parsing Technology

EWA has applied Parsing Technology to both data-at-rest and to data-in-motion to provide a comprehensive solution to the multi-level security problem of segregating data at different security levels.  We have used this technology to implement solutions which satisfy both data security and redundancy requirements.  At EWA, we have extensive experience tailoring this technology to meet the specific needs of our diverse clients. 

Photon Detector and Comparator Sensor System

The ultraviolet (UV) imagers are extremely sensitive, multi-channel plate (MCP) intensified cameras coupled with a set of specialized UV lenses and solar blind optical filters.  Each camera and its associated optics are interfaced to a workstation computer running a sophisticated image capture and processing software suite.  The integrated systems can be used for a wide variety of imaging applications.  The current imagers have been customized to provide reference measurements of UV sources designed to emulate the ultraviolet radiation intensity variations and spectral characteristics generated by missile exhaust plumes. 

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Semantic and Ontology Research for Intelligent Computing Applications

EWA-Canada is designing and building state-of-the-art semantic-based knowledge discovery applications. In conjunction, we offer related services, such as ontology development and refinement. Semantic technologies are functional capabilities that enable both people and computers to create, discover, represent, organize, process, manage, reason with, present, share, and utilize meanings and knowledge to accomplish business, personal, and societal purposes. Semantic technologies are tools that represent meanings, associations, theories, and know-how about the uses of things separately from data and program code. This knowledge representation is called an ontology.

EWA-Canada provides the processes and technology to deal with the challenge of information overload. This technology can:

  • Find the hidden gems in information assets;
  • Conduct sophisticated multi-dimensional searches that go well beyond keywords in terms of complexity; and
  • Monitor the Internet for issues of relevance to your organization.

The potential applications in the defense security and intelligence domains include:

  • Intelligence ontologies;
  • Knowledge fusion:
  • New approaches for conducting automated model and policy based: and
    Searches and knowledge discovery on indexed document collections or the Internet.

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Software-Defined Cognitive Radios

EWA is currently researching SDR technology and investigating how SDR will fit in current and future efforts.

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Tagging, Tracking, and Locating Devices

EWA has experience designing and building specialized, miniature, radio frequency beacons and GPS tracking devices. EWA has developed the EWA Tiger Team is a suite that includes Communication, Intercept, Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (CITTL) technologies that provides the warfighter with a real-time tactical capability for communicating during active jamming and intercepting, analyzing, geo-locating, tagging, and tracking various threat RF emitters and the operators of those emitters.  The EWA Tiger Team technologies work in concert with each other or are available as independent applications addressing specific customer requirement or operational scenario providing proven real-world operational support with various defense agencies anywhere hostile forces are conducting operations.

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Wireless Intercept and Communications Systems

EWA designs and builds the Blackhole and ARROW family of intercept systems tailored for various wireless and personal communication system (PCS) protocols.  EWA can also tailor IEEE 802.11X to meet customer specific needs.

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